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The walk takes the form of a treasure hunt where the audience is equipped with a map of places that can be visited. The audience walk around on their own, decide what they want to explore, who they want to meet and how much they want to disclose of themselves. Each place offers a different experiences. Perhaps a conversation unfolds in a mosque over a cup of coffee? Elsewhere, the experience may be more sensual, perhaps you are invited to take part in a light mass or to meditate? Nothing is a foregone conclusion.

„Et Spørsmål em Tro“ („A matter of faith“) aims to create meetings between people, and to bond and break down prejudices or preconceptions in a time when the role of Religion is is an emotionally debated topic. The project involves representatives from a variety of religious and spiritual communities in the city center of Aarhus. Even locals will be surprised about the vast number and diversity of groups that usually are not visible in the cityscape. Hosts include the Sultan Ayyub mosque, the Iraqi Chaldean catholic church, the theosophical Sirius Centre, the Buddhist Center, the free church ‚King’s People‘, the peagan Asatro and a spiritualistic church.

The encounter with otherness – something that we do not know or understand – can be challenging. In Denmark religion and spirituality is something very private. It is not very common to talk about this personal topic with anybody but an intimate friend. „A matter of faith“ challenges this habit by insisting on the personal encounter with otherness by questioning the role of faith in the multicultural contemporary city.

A project by Diana Wesser in collaboration with Aarhus Theater’s UDFLUGTEN programme, artistic consultant: Christian Salling, funded by Bikubenfonden, Goethe Institut Copenhagen and Kulturgesellschaft in Aarhus.